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Next Level Token 

A digital and social media revolution for anyone in the field of crypto currency. We are the game changer within the entertainment industry and we step up businesses.

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The Vision of Next Level

NXL takes the entire entertainment industry to the next level and makes every business and transaction more transparent and secure.

From placement and promotional video bookings with content creators, to limited tickets for artists' events, purchases of digital assets such as entire songs, images, videos, and many more.

Next Level guarantees secure transactions and enables everyone to participate in the digital world of entertainment.

Plans of Next Level

We're taking the entire entertainment industry to the next level and make every business more transparent as well as every transaction more secure with our token – especially for artists, content creators, musicians and anyone who wants to become one.

NXL makes digital assets such as influencer bookings, songs, images, videos and much more manageable and offers a secure payment method for everyone – even outside the entertainment industry.

For everyone in all Social Media Platforms

Everyone can buy, own and exchange our NXL token and we enable all sides – whether token holder, artist or company – secure & transparent transactions and bookings at any time.

A win-win for everyone – the next level for the entertainment industry.

Secure Transactions

We value every individual and every company – that's why security and transparency are more than just a matter of the heart for us.

No matter if digital assets or individual bookings: Each transaction is secured by the unique blockchain technology that makes manipulating the value of your tokens impossible.


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